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Why choose NECIT?

We are extremely proud of the work we do and the positive feedback we receive from our clients.

We attribute our success and strong relationships with our clients to our team's expertise, experience, passion and dedication.


All NECIT staff possess the necessary industry qualifications and experience. Our inspectors have a comprehensive of numerous international codes and standards.

  • International Institute of Welding/European Welding Federation (IIW/EWF)
    • Personnel holding EWF/IIW Diploma are qualified to perform welding coordination activities as described in ISO 14731, whose compliance is required by BS EN ISO 3834 (Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials)

  • Certification Scheme for Welding Inspection Personnel (CSWIP)
    • CSWIP provides internationally recognised, role-specific competence for people engaged in welding, joining, materials integrity and inspection in manufacturing, construction, operation or repair of high integrity structures, plant or machinery. CSWIP certification schemes are UKAS-accredited to ISO/IEC 17024, the international standard for personnel certification.
    • Level III Services available on request

  • Personal Certification in Non-Destructive testing (PCN)
    • The PCN scheme, an internationally recognised scheme for the certification competence of NDT personnel, is accredited as meeting the requirements of European Standards ISO/IEC 17024 and EN 473, and international standard ISO 9712.
    • Level III Services available on request

  • American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT)
    • ASNT offers NDT certification schemes for individuals leading to qualifications/ approvals in NDT at ACCP Levels 2 and 3 and for companies (SNT-TC-1A)

    • The system is primarily designed for inspectors involved in one or more of a number of activities related to pipelines. BGAS-CSWIP qualifications are highly regarded pipeline specific qualifications, which complement the well-known CSWIP inspection qualifications. Both are internationally recognised.

Our Inspectors are well versed in a number of international codes and standards.

  • API
  • BS EN
  • ISO
  • DNV
  • ASME

This allows us to provide you with the most suitable personnel, based on your needs. To maintain the highest level of customer service, all our personnel are provided with continuous technical training in a wide range of inspection disciplines and technologies.


You will be kept fully up-to-date with progress via 'real-time' reports, throughout the entire lifecycle of your project. We aim to provide you with the information you need quickly and simply, in a format that is easy to understand.

Working together

We will endeavour that all aspects of your expectations are met to ensure the satisfactory outcome of your project.

Where equipment is tested / inspected for quality and safety; we will ensure this is carried out in accordance with international standards and regulations.

Health and Safety

We recognise that Health and Safety is paramount regardless of the size and scope of the project. When visiting your facility our personnel will strictly observe your Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations. NECIT staff WILL NOT compromise personal safety or that of others in their charge.


All NECIT staff adhere to our ethics and integrity policies ensuring they maintain high standards of work, quality and integrity at all times.

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