Case Study
Air Receiver Inspection

NECIT provided experienced QA/QC Inspectors to carry out Dimensional and Visual Inspection on Air Receivers required for a major project in the Middle East.


Our client was a market leader in the fields of Power and Water who offer casting and forging products for the construction of Power Plants and other Industry Facilities from all over the world, as well as being a leading provider of Seawater Desalination Plants.


The project is the development of a new Desalination Plant over in the Middle East, which is said to produce around 80,000 cubic meters of water per day upon completion. 


The vendor for this project was situated in the South East Region of England and the client required NECIT to carry out a Vendor Inspection to determine the effective development and quality of the equipment. Specifically, our NECIT inspector was needed to provide fast and knowledgeable inspection on two separate Air Receiver’s. 


NECIT sent out a fully vetted, experienced and qualified QA/QC Inspector to undergo Dimensional and Visual Inspection on the equipment to verify it’s compliance with design specifications.  

We have a wide range of highly qualified and multi-skilled inspectors from all over the world in our database, allowing us to easily and efficiently locate the perfect inspector situated close to the vendor. As a result, this provided a more flexible and cost effective solution for our client. Minimum travel time for the inspector means lower expenses and allows the inspection to completed in a shorter time 


NECIT offered world class, fast and effective communication throughout the entirety of the project, resulting in better project cadence. This meant that the client was constantly kept in the know about the inspection taking place, allowing them to feel confident our part of the process was being delivered.  

NECIT acted as the eyes and ears of the client during the Air Receiver Inspection, therefore maintaining our clients high expectations and standards.  


Our NECIT inspector effectively carried out successfully Dimensional and Visual Inspection on the Air Receiver, identifying a non-conformance during the process. Paint defects on the two pieces of equipment were identified, raised and documented by our inspector. As a result, these issues would be rectified prior to the equipment being dispatched from the vendor, saving further issues such as corrosion down the line. We ensured that only top quality products would go out into the field as a result of our inspection service.  

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