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NECIT provide Award winning, fully coordinated Inspection, Auditing and Expediting services.

Vendor Inspection

Working closely with your project team, We can deploy our Field personnel to represent your interests on projects around the world.

Our field personnel are a presence at your suppliers to ensure your procured items are manufactured and tested in line with International Standards and Project Specifications providing you with an immediate true and accurate reflection of activities in your supply chain.

With over 5000 field personnel across 90+ countries around the world, wherever your supply chain exists, NECIT have local experts able to mobilise at short notice to witness manufacturing and testing activities. Also able to conduct supplier audits and provide expediting services to ensure project materials are manufactured and delivered on time to project schedules.

Our network of fully vetted field personnel are categorised into three core disciplines Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation and Protective coatings, all of which have verified, in date third party certification.

Fabrication surveillance

Our network of fully vetted field personnel are categorised into three core disciplines Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation and protective coatings, all of which have verified, in date third party certification.

We can input specialists at every stage of any fabrication process to oversee and ensure that quality control protocols in place are followed and adhered to including manufacturing process checks of:

  • Material certification and traceability through cutting, rolling, welding
  • Welding including Verification of welder qualifications and WPQRs according to approved specifications and procedures . Verification of welding equipment calibration and consumable certification as well as ongoing Monitoring of any weld defects, weld repairs, NDE reports and close out
  • Test equipment calibration
  • Dimensional inspection against approved fabrication drawings and tolerances
  • Witness of mechanical testing and Fatigue analysis
  • Painting & Surface Preparation including Corrosion and Fire Protection
  • Equipment and System Acceptance testing
  • Punch lists and close out
  • Final Inspection and Documentation Review
  • Loadout or Installation

Inspection Contact

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    Fully Co-ordinated Approach

    Seamlessly supporting your projects

    Our co-ordinator communicates end-to-end throughout projects

    We match the best people for the job based on site requirements

    Our inspectors attend projects and deliver technical activity reports

    We pride ourselves on reports that are accurate and delivered on time

    Our focus on understanding your needs and building strong relationships helps us to achieve high client retention



    Multi-skilled inspection expertise

    Our inspectors are fully vetted and evaluated for the multi-skilled credentials we expect when representing NECIT Services. Our people know what they’re doing and need minimal supervision to deliver the project and reporting you need. Better still, we actively recruit high level multi-skilled individuals to minimise turnover of people and maximise on-site cost and efficiencies.


    Qualification and certifications

    Our project coordination team and inspectors carry internationally recognised qualifications and recognise all commonly applied certification standards. Our onboarding process of inspectors carries out thorough checks for valid and in date qualifications.

    We recognise qualifications including:


    CSWIP (Certification Scheme for Welding Inspection Personnel)

    AWS (American Welding Society)

    Non-destrucive testing


    ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing)

    Protective coatings


    NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers)



    API (American Petroleum Institute)


    Inspection expertise, wherever you need it

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    Oil & Gas

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    Power Generation

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