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Access specific sector knowledge and experience from our project management team and inspectors to ensure you meet the relevant sector-specific quality standards and expectations.

oil and gas
Oil & Gas

Putting safety at the heart of the supply chain

Bringing efficiency, accuracy and reliability is more important than ever. Our inspectors have a senior background within the oil and gas sector and can ensure an in-depth understanding of various manufacturing techniques. With NECIT, we can help your business meet international and client-specific requirements to stay compliant.
Our services cover Upstream, Midstream and Downstream requirements.


As renewables power generation continues to grow, so do the demands to remain compliant with international standards.

We work with inspectors who have specific expertise in the renewables sector to ensure facilities, equipment, systems and products meet the demands of a modern clean energy world.
Our services cover Wind farm, Photovoltaic and Geothermal energy generation requirements.

Power Generation

For all areas of statutory and regulatory obligations, your power generation business must ensure compliance.

Our multi-skilled level 2 inspectors carry out inspections of your facilities, equipment, processes, systems, and products to help you meet market demands and certify your business as an industry leader. Our services cover Fossil fuel, Bio-mass, Nuclear and Hydro-electric power station requirements.

Specialist sector services

NECIT inspection services are applicable to many global sectors that utilise engineering equipment in operational processes.

We actively carry out services and deliver specialist inspectors across the following sectors:
Construction & Built Environment
Heavy Industry

specialist sector

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Oil & Gas

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Power Generation

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