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NECIT is UKAS Accredited to ISO/IEC 17020 Type A Inspection body and ISO/IEC 17024 Personnel Certification body No.23388.

NECIT have been appointed by the UK Governments Department for Business Energy and Industrial Services (BEIS) as a Notified Body (NI) / Recognised Third Party Organisation (RTPO). This allows us to witness Welding Procedure and Welder Qualification tests for work to be used under the Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016 category.

Our comprehensive and independent third party surveillance services operate throughout the UK and around the Globe. Everything NECIT Examine is in accordance with National, European and Internationally Recognised Standards, including, but not limited to:

  • BS EN ISO 15614 (welding procedure range)

  • BS EN ISO 15613 (Pre Production Testing)

  • BS EN ISO 9606 (welder qualification range)

  • BS EN ISO 14732 (Mechanised Welding Operator Testing)

  • EN ISO 24394 (Aerospace Welder Qualification)

  • AWS D1.1

  • BS EN 287 (welder qualification)

  • ASME IX (weld procedure and welder performance)

  • BS 4872 welder competence (welder qualification range)



Our Certification service comprises a complete package in respect of producing Welding Procedure Qualification Records / Procedure Qualification Records (WPQRs/PQRs).

Our fully trained and qualified Examiners will:

  • Attend your site

  • Collect all of the required data to produce the relevant certification.

  • Coordinate the required Non Destructive and Destructive testing with independent UKAS accredited laboratories.

  • Review and Compile all documentation including test results against standards.

  • Our Certification Department will then produce the WPQR Certificate and issue you an electronic and hard Copy.

To apply for a Weld Procedure Qualification, download our Application form and email to 





  • Our Examination department is Accredited and Appointed as an  Recognised Independent Third Party Organisation (RTPO) to witness and verify testing and Certification of welders.

  • Welder performance Testing is carried out by witnessing a welder following a written instruction to produce test coupon.

  • The written instruction usually comes as a Preliminary Welding Procedure Specification (pWPS) or a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS).

  • Our Examination team then Coordinate the required Non Destructive and/or Destructive testing with independent UKAS accredited laboratories.

  • Upon acceptable test results our Certification Department produce the relevant Welder Certification to one  or more  National, European or Internationally recognised standards.

  • To apply for a Welder Qualification, download our Application form and email to 



  • Under our  UKAS Accredited  Welder Qualification Scheme, NECIT are able to Endorse prolongation/Revalidation of Welder qualifications.
  • Welder Qualifications are required to be confirmed every 6 months by an Employer or a Supervisor.
  • In order to do this a Welder must provide 2 acceptable volumetric  reports (Radiographic or Ultrasonic) within the last 6 months of the certificate validity.
  • Upon review of this documentation Welder qualifications can be Prolonged for a further 2 years.

If you need a fast and efficient solution to prolongation of your welder qualifications, Contact our Certification Department at 


How Does it all work?

Weld Procedure Testing and Welder Qualification Testing

  • Under our Type A inspection body status, we provide a full Weld Procedure Qualification Record and Welder Qualification Testing service.

  • Our experienced welding examiners can travel to sites all over the UK and record all relevant welding data required  in order to gain certification.

  • Following Welding, the test pieces are sent for Non-destructive testing which will be conducted by an ISO9712 level II technician.

  • After acceptable NDT Results (if required) the test coupons will be send to a UKAS ISO 17025 mechanical laboratory for the required mechanical testing to be performed

Recording and reporting

  • Our Approved Welding surveillance personnel will attend your site and witness all welding activities, record and report on the results using UKAS calibrated equipment and compile a full documentation pack ready for certification.


  • All documentation is handed over to our Technical manager who will then produce the complete certification package, which will include a UKAS Certificate and all test data.



Our Examiners provide welding procedure qualification and welder qualification tests for many industries including:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Nuclear

  • Defence

  • Rail

  • Aerospace

  • Petro-Chemical

  • Pressure Equipment

  • Food

  • Renewable Energy

  • Pipe work Fabricators

  • Marine

  • Steelwork fabricators

Our team of Welding Examiners have been fully trained and approved by our In house Technical managers; both of which are Certified International and European Welding Engineers (CIWE / CEWE) with experience in Welding Surveillance and Welding Quality management systems including ISO 1090, ISO 3834, ISO 15085 and DIN


Please read our NECIT Welder Qualification Scheme here.


If you are an employer and would like to verify the authenticity of a welder qualification please contact us


If for any reason you would like to make a complaint or appeal a decision you can contact us at 

or Write to us at:
NECIT Services Ltd, One Trinity Green, South Shields. NE33 1SA. UK

For full details please read our  Complaints and Appeals Procedure

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