Crafting Precision in Welding with NECIT’s Third-Party Witnessing and Certification

"The certification department at NECIT Services has truly proven itself as a standout leader in the welding certification arena. "

Client Profile:

Name: Universal Wolf Ltd.

Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

Location: Blyth, UK

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Achieve top-tier welding quality and efficiency through independent third-party witnessing and certification of Weld Procedures and Welder Qualification Testing.

The challenge:

Universal Wolf Ltd, a luminary in advanced manufacturing, recognized the necessity of upholding the highest standards in welding to meet the exacting demands of their industry. The introduction and implementation of new weld procedures and welder qualifications demanded rigorous validation.

Universal Wolf sought an expert third-party to provide independent witnessing, validation, and certification to ensure their welding practices were world-class.

The NECIT Solution:

Universal Wolf entrusted NECIT, renowned for its certification prowess, to guide this transformative journey. The partnership involved:

  1. Detailed Procedure Examination: A comprehensive review of Universal Wolf’s proposed welding procedures was initiated to grasp its nuances and technicalities.
  2. On-site Witnessing: NECIT’s specialists provided direct oversight, witnessing the welding of both the welding procedures and welder qualifications.
  3. Objective Assessment: Being an independent third-party, NECIT ensured a bias-free assessment, holding Universal Wolf’s procedures and qualifications against stringent global benchmarks.
  4. Certification: After thorough evaluations, NECIT certified Universal Wolf’s procedures, solidifying their alignment with international standards.
  5. Continuous Support: Beyond just certification, NECIT remained a constant pillar of support, offering insights and assistance whenever Universal Wolf embark on new welding endeavours.

The Result:

  • Unmatched Welding Excellence: With NECIT’s certification, Universal Wolf achieved a level of welding proficiency that was both internationally recognized and respected.
  • Reinforced Credibility: The independent validation from NECIT bolstered Universal Wolf’s reputation in the advanced manufacturing industry.
  • Confidence Boost: With every weld, Universal Wolf could proceed with the confidence of having NECIT’s gold-standard certification behind them.

Client Testimonial:

“The certification department at NECIT Services has truly proven itself as a standout leader in the welding certification arena. Their hands-on approach to Weld Procedure Qualification Testing and Welder Qualification Testing has not only resulted in certified procedures but has also aligned everything seamlessly with the highest industry standards.

What really hits home for us is the incredible support and personal guidance that the NECIT team provides. Whenever we’re planning our work, their personal touch shines through, ensuring that quality and efficiency go hand in hand. NECIT Services has completely transformed how we approach welding, and a big part of our success story is thanks to their unwavering support. We’re excited to keep nurturing this special partnership for many more years to come.” – Melanie Stewart, Universal Wolf Ltd

NECIT exemplifies what it means to be more than just a certification body. Through its partnership with industry leaders like Universal Wolf, NECIT showcases its commitment to excellence, precision, and unwavering support, enabling companies to scale unparalleled heights in their respective domains.


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