Case Study
Gas Detection Inspection

Our NECIT QA/QC Inspectors carried out Gas Detection Inspections to support a global project based in Indonesia, to ensure the equipment conformed to International Standards and safety measures.


Our client is a world class National Oil & Gas Company, engaged in the business of upstream oil & gas activities.


The project is among the largest upstream Oil & Gas projects based in Indonesia. It is the development of proven gas reserves, as well as the construction and operation of a gas processing facilities and pipelines. This project has the production capacity of 192 cubic feet of gas sales and 2.5 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves.


The client asked NECIT to source appropriate personnel to carry out Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT’s) on Gas Detection equipment in Aberdeen, Scotland, so it can then be shipped to Indonesia to support the project.


NECIT were able to hand pick the most qualified and experienced inspector close to the vendor location to carry out visual on-site inspections as well as expert remote inspections due to the current COVID-19 world climate.

Additionally, our NECIT inspector was required to provide daily inspection and flash reports to keep constant communication, whilst providing photographic evidence to the client that the inspection has been carried out effectively. Our QA/QC Inspector also packaged up the instrumentation equipment after the inspection took place and was accepted.


As NECIT were able to source expert inspectors to carry out remote gas detection inspections, it reduces downtime as well as costs, providing a more efficient service for the client. Even though we sourced the closest inspector for the job, there was no need for the inspector to travel when carrying out the remote inspection, meaning the inspection could take place there and then. This meant that instant feedback from the inspection was possible as well as constant communication, improving project cadence.


As a result of the remote inspections our NECIT inspectors undertook, the project schedule was maintained and the inspections were carried out safely and timely. Based on the feedback we were provided with from the client, they stated that our NECIT Inspector “delivered exactly what we were expecting”.

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