Case Study
Hydro-static Inspections - Cold Collector

This case study discusses how NECIT Services Ltd used their ‘INSPEKTA-GADGET’ software to source highly experienced and certified personnel close to the vendor location to oversee Hydro-static and visual inspections on a piece of equipment called a ‘Cold Collector’.


Our client is an International metal-processing company who manufacturer casts and forgings in the Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Mining, Wind and Aerospace industries.


The client required NECIT to provide highly expert and certified personnel to oversee Visual and Hydro-static Inspections on a ‘Cold Collector’. The needed personnel who could act as their ‘eyes and ears’ on site and maintain their very high standards.


Thanks to NECIT’s new software, ‘INSPEKTA-GADGET’, we were able to easily and quickly source the appropriate inspector with correct certifications and experience for the job, close to the vendor location in Burton on Trent.

Our system allows NECIT to essentially ‘hand-pick’ the closest available QA/QC inspector with correct experience, allowing us to provide the client with someone who is perfect to carry out this type of inspection. Meaning the client received the best inspector possible to carry out this work.

As a result, NECIT offered a cost effective solution by sourcing someone close to the vendor location, meaning there was less time for travelling and overnight costs for the clients, saving them money.


NECIT provided constant and detailed communication throughout the inspection process, improving project cadence. This meant during every event in the inspection process, the inspector, vendor, client and NECIT were on the same page.

During the inspection, we require our NECIT personnel to provide daily inspection reports which provides an update on progress made. This way, the client knows exactly what our inspector had carried out on behalf of them.


A hydraulic pressure test certificate was raised to certify that the products and equipment which were inspected had been Hydraulically tested to the stated test pressure and were found to be satisfactory. Our NECIT Inspector was able to keep to project time and maintain our clients high standards throughout the entire inspection process.

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