NECIT Case Study
Hydrostatic Pressure Test Inspection - Water Pumps

Read how we assisted our client with inspection of Hydrostatic Pressure and Performance tests to ISO 9906:2012 standard

A hydrostatic pressure test is a way in which pressure vessels (such as water pumps) can be tested for strength and leaks.

Project Rundown:

Location: Indonesia

Equipment: Water Injection Treatment Pumps, Water Injection Transfer Pumps and Bleed Water Pumps

Scope: Inspection of Pressure and Performance Tests to ISO 9906:2012



NECIT Services was invited by our client to inspect the tested water pumps mentioned above to ensure they were fit for purpose and met all required standards.


Hydrostatic Pressure Tests were performed on all pumps to check for any possible pressure drops or visual leakages, using a manometer for accurate inspection results.

After the hydrostatic pressure test results came back satisfactory (there was zero evidence of pressure or visual leakages), a full performance test was carried out on all of the pumps. The performance tests were performed and inspected according to International Standard ISO 9906:2012 by our experienced inspector.


According to ISO 9906:2012, the final test results fell into the acceptance criteria, meaning the equipment inspected met all standards and was fit for purpose.

Benefits to our client:

  • Dedicated NECIT Inspection Coordinator from our central co-ordination team through the duration of the project
  • Fully vetted and multi-skilled inspector to carry out the required inspection to a high quality standard
  • Our inspector was our clients ‘eyes and ears’ on site, ensuring their high standards were maintained throughout the project
  • Highly detailed daily inspection reports and consistent communication for better project cadence

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