Case Study
NACE - Painting and Coating Inspection

Discover how NECIT were able to source a highly experienced NACE Inspector to witness ITP activities on a ‘Flame Arrestor’ piece of equipment in Germany.


Our client is a global Engineering Consultancy Company.


Brownfield Modification Project type.


Our client required a NACE certified Coating Inspector to witness the visual painting inspection of a ‘Flame Arrestor’. Following an acceptable painting inspection, our Inspector was required to witness the Final Inspection on this piece of equipment. A Flame Arrestor is vital for health and safety, it prevents fuel combustion by extinguishing the flame, showing the importance of why expert inspections are needed before they can be shipped to the client for use.


NECIT provided a highly experienced NACE Inspector very close to the vendor location in Germany to witness the inspection activity on the required equipment. Our inspector assessed the surface preparation prior to the application of the primer coat of paint, as well as ensure the inside surface of the equipment was checked for mechanical damage or surface residue.

Following painting inspection, our inspector covered an additional ITP Activity by means of a final visual inspection to confirm that the equipment conformed with the client specifications and all relevant standards and specifications prior to shipping from the Vendor. NECIT are on site to cover multiple ITP activities in a single visit if required by any of our clients.


Thanks to the highly experienced, knowledgeable and certified Inspector NECIT sourced for this job, a non-conformance was identified and then resolved, preventing a breakdown in the protective coating on the equipment which would have resulted in increased maintenance costs to the client.  Prior to the final visual inspection, multiple paint defects were noted on the equipment. As a result of the identification of this non-conformance, a re-inspection occurred after the equipment had been rectified of the problems.

As this issue was identified during the inspection, it could prevent increased maintenance costs to repair the coating in service. NECIT ensured the Vendor sent out a top quality product to the project and made sure it was fit for service. NECIT’s central coordination team and Inspector provided constant communication with the vendor and client in the form of daily inspection reports. This fast and accurate reporting kept the project team fully informed of all activities.


NECIT ensured that a product which our client purchased went out into the field to the high standards expected, thanks to the identification of non-conformances. Additionally, the project schedule was maintained and the activities were carried out without injury or harm.

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