Case Study
Providing inspection services for cable manufacturing and installation

Intecsea Inc are responsible for delivering project management consultancy services for an offshore deep-water development project.

One of their clients, a multi-national corporation based in India, required highly qualified and specialised personnel to oversee and visually inspect the manufacturing and installation of cables for one of their major projects.


The requirements handed to us by Intecsea on behalf of their client included:

  • Inspectors to witness and oversee the Final and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of electrical cables
  • Inspectors to witness and oversee the core testing of the cable insulation
  • Inspectors to witness and oversee the stranded and sheathed cable testing, including mechanical and electrical tests.
  • Inspectors to provide factual and accurate inspection reports


NECIT Services identified the most appropriate and qualified personnel from our already approved database of multi-skilled inspectors (our ‘INSPEKTA-GADGET’ software) to oversee the requirements made by the client. Using this, we were able to quickly determine the most highly qualified, experienced, and geographically closest available inspector for the project.

The inspector our ‘gadget’ found carried out a range of specialised inspections and preparations to help fulfil the requirements for the client. Some of which included,

  • Cable diameter checks
  • Cable wall thickness checks
  • DC resistance tests
  • Capacitance tests
  • Insulation resistance tests
  • Crosstalk tests
  • A Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) test
  • Final meterage checks
  • Witness the load-out and spooling of cables

We worked closely with Intecsea to ensure we provided an inspector who could effectively and successfully meet the demands of the requirements set out, with constant communication throughout.


The client expressed that they were extremely happy with the service and inspector NECIT provided for the project, stating that his efforts, hard work and knowledge were brilliant, as well as the high level of reporting he provided for them. This helped make the project run as smooth and efficiently as possible.

As a result of our ‘INSPEKTA-GADGET’ software, we were easily able to source someone with experience and speciality in the testing of the manufacturing and installation of cables in a timely and effective manner. This shows that no matter the scope of the project, or the specialist inspectors required, NECIT can provide a top-quality service, allowing us to continue supporting some of the world’s most ambitious engineering projects.

Furthermore, the completion of this project signifies that NECIT are able to source specialist inspectors who are both highly experienced and qualified, with cable manufacturing inspection in these particular types of vendors all over the world.

We are continuing to work with and support Intecsea on other projects as a result of this success.

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