Case Study
Radiographic Interpretation - Supporting a leading offshore energy provider

NECIT were contacted by a leading specialist provider of enhanced subsea solutions who urgently required an inspection expert for Radiographic Interpretation


Our Client is a leading specialist provider of enhanced subsea solutions who offer integrated services across the whole of the offshore energy industry.

Location of the inspection: Norfolk, England, United Kingdom.

Type of Inspection: Radiographic Interpretation Inspection


Our client required a rapid response to help them carry out a specialist Radiographic Interpretation Inspection.

Our team were driven to deliver our part of process and worked tirelessly to provide exactly what the client required. As a result of our database of over 2,500 inspection experts across the globe, we were able to promptly source the perfect field personnel for the project with the correct skills, accreditations and experience using our INSPEKTA-GADGET system.


  • Quick response time and turnaround – so they kept the project time on track
  • Ensured only top quality products went out into the field, avoiding the risk of future project failures
  • Highly skilled and experienced Welding and NDT Inspector
  • Flexible and accommodating service from both NECIT and our Inspector
  • Thorough and regular communication for better project cadence
  • Cost effective solution


NECIT were able to provide an immediate response to the clients needs and act quickly in providing the perfect inspector. Due to our INSPEKTA-GADGET portal, we were able to identify the closest and most appropriate inspector (in terms of skills, experience and certifications) for Radiographic Interpretation Inspection, meaning lower expenses and travel time. As a result, the job could to start as soon as possible and fit within the desired timeframes and budget.

We were able to fit our service with the demands of our client, and accommodated them at every opportunity. Our flexible service meant that the client could call on us and our inspector whenever they so desired, allowing for them to remain confident of project completion, no matter the time of day. We provided the client with the confidence as a result of the expertise of our team.


Thanks to our highly-qualified personnel, the execution of the project was carried out in a quick and flexible manner for our client. If it was not for the quick response of the NECIT coordination team in sourcing an inspector, and the professionalism of the inspector we sourced, the client would have missed the project deadline.

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Hear from the NECIT Inspector who was present throughout the entirety of this project, Farrokh Faramarzi:

“During this job I was required to interpret radiographic testing films in order to verify the Clients inspection process integrity. The job was successfully completed with no issues. The NECIT coordination team provided clear instructions on what was required for this project and they were extremely supportive throughout. This played a huge role in the successful completion of this job”.

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