Setting the Gold Standard in Weld Procedures with NECIT’s Third-Party Witnessing and Certification

"NECIT's certification department is unparalleled in their dedication and expertise. Their independent approach to third-party witnessing and certification of our new weld procedures has been invaluable."

Client Profile:

Client Name: JDR Cables Ltd.

Industry: Subsea Umbilical & Cable Manufacturing

Location: Hartlepool, UK

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Obtain independent third-party validation and certification of their new weld procedures to ensure alignment with international standards.

The challenge:

JDR Cables Ltd, a major player in Subsea Umbilical and cable Manufacturing, was committed to introducing new welding procedures to enhance their production standards. The introduction of any new procedure requires rigorous validation to ensure it meets and surpasses industry benchmarks.

JDR Cables sought an independent, recognised third-party Organisation (RTPO) to validate, witness, and certify their Weld Procedure Qualification Testing and endorse them to multiple international standards.

The NECIT Solution:

JDR Cables Ltd turned to NECIT for its sterling reputation in third-party witnessing and certification. Our collaboration entailed:

  1. In-depth Procedure Review: A preliminary meeting with JDR Cables’ Welding Engineer to ensure that their new welding procedures covered all testing required to attain certification was met.
  2. On-site Witnessing: NECIT’s experts were present on-site to witness all welding of the suite of new procedures, verifying all welding data and ensuring all documentation required for the certification was cross-checked in the process.
  3. Objective Evaluation: Our third-party status provided JDR Cables with an unbiased assessment, ensuring the procedures were evaluated against the required international standards which their projects and their clients require.
  4. Certification: Based on the outcomes of the witnessing, Non-Destructive Testing, and metallographic testing, NECIT provided certification, affirming the procedures’ alignment with top-tier international standards.

The result:

  • Authenticated Procedures: With NECIT’s certification, JDR Cables had independent third-party verification that their weld procedures met global standards driving operational excellence in their welding operations.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Possessing third-party certified welding procedures further elevated JDR Cables’ industry standing, bolstering trust among stakeholders.
  • Confidence in Compliance: With NECIT’s unbiased validation and certification, JDR Cables could confidently deploy their new procedures, assured of their compliance with international standards.
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Client Testimonial:

“NECIT’s certification department is unparalleled in their dedication and expertise. Their independent approach to third-party witnessing and certification of our new weld procedures has been invaluable.

 Their meticulous witnessing, coupled with their certification, has instilled a confidence in our operational standards. NECIT’s blend of technical acumen and genuine commitment has been instrumental in uplifting our welding practices. Their support has been pivotal in our journey to excellence.” – Steven Wilson, JDR Cable Systems Ltd

NECIT remains at the forefront of independent third-party witnessing and certification, exemplifying a commitment to precision and excellence. By serving pivotal industry players like JDR Cables Ltd, NECIT reinforces its position as an indispensable ally for businesses aiming for unparalleled quality and compliance.

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