Case Study
Wind Farm Cable Inspections

Read our most recent case study in the Renewable Energy Sector where we provided expert inspections on Wind Farm Cables for a major project in the North Sea.


Our client is a world leader in the offshore energy industry, based in Belgium who offer offshore and environmental services, providing equipment such as power cables and umbilical’s. our client is truly global, with a strong presence across all of the world’s seas.


The project for this case study is the development of an  offshore wind farm in the North Sea, which will provide Green Energy for around 485,000 households upon completion.


The vendor for this major project was based in Hartlepool in the North East of England and the client needed NECIT to source certified and experienced personnel to carry out and witness inspections on wind farm cables which will then be sent to the client in the North Sea.


NECIT provided highly qualified QA/QC inspectors close to the vendor location in a resident position, meaning our inspector worked for the entire duration of the inspection job over a 4 month period. Additionally, because of our experienced and reliable central coordination team, we were able to offer the client fast communication, keeping them up to date with inspection. This way, NECIT, the vendor and the client were all on the same page, keeping the project on track.


As our resident inspector was present for the entire inspection process on the wind farm cables, this resulted in improved knowledge of the project and allowed NECIT and our inspector to build a strong relationship with the client.  As we were able to source the perfect inspector close to the vendor for the job, the inspection job could start immediately without the client needing to wait for inspectors to travel, resulting in shorter lead times and lower costs for the client overall.


Our NECIT inspector carried out the wind farm cable inspections over a period of 4 months safely, dealing with non-conformances along the way, resulting in top quality products being sent out into the field. NECIT are able to effectively provide perfect QA/QC Inspectors for inspections on Wind Farm cables as this case study proves.

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