Connor Dawson joins NECIT Services as a Software Developer

We recently welcomed Connor Dawson, a graduate of Teesside University, to our talented team as a Software Developer to help with business software development and support us with customised solutions for our unique business needs.

Learn more about his background and motivations:

NECIT team

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Connor Dawson, and I am a recent Programming Graduate who has joined NECIT Services to improve and deliver additional software and to advance the efficiency of the company as their Software Developer.

Tell us about joining NECIT Services

Joining NECIT Services is more than just a career move for me, it’s the realization of a long-held aspiration to work with an essential company and deliver innovation on a company scale. As I stand on the threshold of this exciting opportunity, I can’t help but reflect on the journey that has brought me here and the thrilling path that lies ahead.

From the moment I first learned about NECIT Services, I was captivated by their dedication to excellence and unwavering focus on serving clients with excellent inspection solutions. These core values align seamlessly with my professional ethos, making NECIT Services the ideal destination for my career aspirations.

The team here at NECIT Services is second to none, bringing both excellent knowledge of their respective field as well as an outstanding office environment that is an absolute pleasure to work in.

What I find particularly great is the fact that everyone in the company is encouraged to learn about what the process of Welding Certification, Examination and Testing entails and its importance, these talks gave me a greater understanding of how my work integrates with the company.

We are committed to creating opportunities for local talent and are very proud to be able to support Connor in developing his career!

Our amazing team here at NECIT Services are the driving force behind our success.

Meet the team.

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