Inspection Coordination - how it works at NECIT

We explain how our coordination team process works to keep your projects on track.

Outsourcing inspection services, auditing or expediting to third party service providers is a necessity for many businesses. At NECIT Services, we provide a world leading coordination service that looks after client needs from start to finish.

Step 1
Notification of Inspection (NOI)

Coordination starts with a Notification of Inspection (NOI). This will tell the coordinator when and where the inspection will take place and will give assignment details.
NECIT coordinators are trained to extract key information from NOI’s so they can quickly identify what type of inspector will be needed and the skill set required by that inspector to complete the assignment.

NECIT Fact – We currently work with over 40 Clients receiving NOI’s for Vendors from all over the world.

Step 2
We find our inspector!

Using our unique INSPECTA-GADGET software we can rapidly locate an inspector anywhere in the world. NECIT coordinators can search and match our global database of inspectors using traits like location, discipline and skill set. NECIT has such a high number of valued experts that we’re able to find the perfect match for every assignment.

NECIT Fact – Our inspectors have specific expertise across all major engineering sectors. We cover all needs across all of the world.

Step 3
Proposing inspector options to a client

At NECIT, we have multi-sector expert inspection knowledge and operate to the highest of quality standards. The inspectors on our database all meet strict accreditation and experience criteria and are very often multi-skilled to high level of qualification. We only accept the highest standard of inspectors at NECIT and present details to clients using a dedicated NECIT template including rates and any other details. At NECIT we pride ourselves on providing value, working within budget and having the confidence we can rapidly deliver an inspector on site.

NECIT Fact – Inspection coordinators will always aim to have a quote with a client within 24 hours. We rarely miss our targets!

Step 4
Inspectors on site

Safe in the knowledge we have the most qualified representatives, our inspectors take the lead when on site. NECIT coordinators within our central team are always contactable to both vendors and inspectors but our inspections run smoothly because of the expertise of our trusted professionals and the accurate briefing and initial selection process.

NECIT Fact – On any given day NECIT Services have inspectors active across 6 continents, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In 2020, our inspectors have already visited sites to carry out inspection assignments 1635 times and counting!

Step 5

On completion of an assignment, our inspector submits a detailed report in line with clients original requirements. At NECIT we aim to receive accurate finalised reports and distribute to clients within 24 hours of inspection being completed. NECIT coordinators maintain constant contact with clients throughout the whole process seamlessly supporting every project.

NECIT Fact – The report standards at NECIT are always to the highest level because of the training, briefing and delivery processes we put in place and expect from the 1000’s of highly skilled inspectors we place.

Find out more about us here or just visit our services and sectors pages to find out how we could support your needs. If you are an inspector keen to be part of the global NECIT team, please contact us via our careers page.

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