Inspector Q&A - Graeme McFarlane

We shine a light on our brilliant inspectors and share their experiences as key workers across the globe

Graeme McFarlane is the latest multi-skilled NECIT inspector to take part in our Rapid Fire Inspector Q & A.

1. How long have you been working as an inspector?

I have been working as an inspector since 2009.

2. What are your specialist skills and certifications?

I specialise in Mechanical Inspections and I am vastly experienced in welding, pipework, materials and subsea.

3. What motivates you most about being an inspector and why?

I believe inspection activities require me to pull all my wide varied experience and skills at a moments notice and provides me with many challenges, but this is something which motivates me. I am also motivated to be the best inspector clients and vendors deal with, and be the best version of myself throughout the inspection process. The wide variety of inspections required within the industry means that no two days are the same, which is a big motivational factor for me.

4. What is the biggest challenge you’ve had as an inspector and why?

The biggest challenge I have faced to date is being inserted into the final year of a 5-year project as cover for the build of complete X-Mas Trees. I was up to speed within a few days and was then reinstated by the project lead for the remainder of the contract. Additionally, I have since been hand picked by the project lead for other projects since. Even though I overcame this obstacle, it was a challenge nevertheless.

5. Explain in your own words why inspectors are so important in the world of engineering.

I believe that inspectors are the ‘last line of defence’ for clients when it comes to the quality of the product and ensuring it is to the correct standard. Additionally, accidents are becoming more and more rare and I definitely believe that this is down to the correct use of experienced and qualified inspectors.

6. What do you think makes a top quality inspector and why?

The top attribute an inspector needs in my opinion is knowledge. This is gained by a strong inspection background, relevant experience, and the drive to keep up to date with new techniques and technology. Without this, inspectors run the risk of being left behind.

7. What do you like about working with the NECIT Services team and why?

I like the NECIT team’s helpfulness due to your effective and friendly communication. NECIT always go the extra mile and are always organised in their coordination. As an inspector, this is vital for my scope of work.

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