NECIT Academy
Why is it important to us?

This blog will cover exactly what our new training programme the NECIT Academy is and why it is important to us here at NECIT Services. We will discuss the focus behind the initiative, the type of topics we cover, as well as what some members of the team think of the programme.

Towards the end of 2020, NECIT introduced a brand-new training programme dedicated towards developing the knowledge of all employees regarding important topics relevant to inspection, auditing and expediting services, as well as other important subjects related to NECIT. The idea behind NECIT Academy is to ensure all members of the team build a greater understanding of the industries NECIT are situated in, allowing us to maintain our high standards.

Why NECIT Academy?

NECIT Academy is designed for staff at all levels, from Marketing to Coordination all the way to Business Development Managers. We strongly believe it is important that all staff are kept up to date with training, so they have the best knowledge in the industry, which is why we provide training at all levels throughout the organisation. This training is conducted by experts in a variety of industries including inspection and welding, with many years of first-hand experience out in the field. At NECIT we pride ourselves on providing a top quality, world class service and our NECIT Academy ensures we maintain this consistent quality from top to bottom.

Benefits of the Training

Training and development have many benefits, both to individuals and to our company. This training programme helps improve employee performance, productivity and addresses any weaknesses some employees feel they need to develop and focus on. Personal and professional development is something NECIT promotes to all employees, and our Academy goes a long way in this aiding their development. Every participant in NECIT Academy has the chance to provide feedback on how effective and worthwhile the training was by providing written feedback to the trainer. Feedback for this internal training is encouraged to improve training provisions and let the trainer know of any topic’s individuals would like to be covered in the future. This way, if any members of the team feel they need training on a specific topic, they will let the trainer know and the training will be covered for this topic in future presentations.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of NECIT Academy is monitored by way of an ‘end of topic exam’ which is made up of questions regarding the topic which was just covered in the training presentation. The participant should achieve a score of at least 70% correct answers to be deemed to have passed the training on the topic. If this percentage is not achieved, they will have to revise the topic and re-take the exam until 70% is met. NECIT advise that all employees should attend and complete the fortnightly NECIT Academy sessions or catch up with sessions they have missed at the earliest opportunity. This way, all employees will be at the same stage throughout the NECIT Academy.

What does NECIT Academy cover?

Our Academy covers a wide variety of topics, all relevant to NECIT or the roles within NECIT. So far, some of the subjects we have undertaken in the Academy include Inspection Test Plans (ITP’s), Specific Coordination Training, Introduction to Rates, NDT Reports, and Introduction to Dye Penetrant Testing. Recently, we have also completed thorough training on our new system INSPEKTA-GADGET. This allows NECIT employees to develop a wide range of knowledge which is important in the industry and to our clients.

The NECIT Academy ensures that all staff are up to date with any legislative or regulatory requirements, any alterations to our scope of services being provided to our clients and any changes in line with new technologies and industry standards. Our clients can be sure that NECIT have highly knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated staff thanks to the introduction of our internal training programme, NECIT Academy.

What does our team think of NECIT Academy?

Peter Lyons – Founder and Client Partnership Director

“Since my time as a lecturer at TWI, I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people improve, learn new things while keeping it enjoyable. It’s important to all of us here at NECIT that our staff have a better understanding of the Engineering world and are well prepared to deliver the service excellence our clients deserve”.

Laura Whistler – Senior Inspection Coordinator

The NECIT Academy gives me the chance to continually improve in my role as an Inspection Coordinator. It is great that the company I work for provides me with a chance to keep developing and growing both professionally and personally. The industry we work in is constantly changing and evolving and I think getting the chance to move forward with it is massively important thanks to NECIT Academy.”

Sarah Stroud – Regional Inspection Manager

“The NECIT Academy is a fundamental part of NECIT staff training and development.  By giving all staff from administration, accounts, coordination, marketing, up to Senior Management additional up to date knowledge of the Industrial world we work in provides added confidence to the NECIT team carrying out their roles to the highest standard, providing a seamless quality service to our clients”.

Lynn Johnson – Inspection Coordinator

“The NECIT Academy provides a wonderful opportunity to learn and progress with the needs of the business in order to offer our clients the best service possible. Each training session is extremely well thought and put together to ensure that everyone who participates is able to take something away from the session to enhance their role within the company”.

Jack Miller – Sales and Marketing Coordinator

“NECIT Academy has proven to be extremely beneficial in helping to improve my knowledge of the industry we work in. Every session is so in depth and professional, which allows all members of the team to carry out their role with more confidence and skill. I am thankful that NECIT are passionate about dedicating time to help it’s employees develop not only professionally but also personally”.

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