Q&A with our NDT technician, David Tripp

Non-destructive testing (NDT) technicians inspect the physical properties of materials and components used in buildings, structures, and machinery to detect any dangerous imperfections without causing any damage.

NDT professionals use a variety of techniques to test materials such as Visual testing, Magnetic particle testing, Hardness testing, Ultrasonic inspection testing, Phased array ultrasonic and Penetrant inspection testing. Read more about every technique here.

Our NDT technician, David Tripp, helps us to give you a clear picture of his responsibilities as an NDT technician by answering some frequently asked questions:

QA Professional 1

1.     What’s your one-liner job description at NECIT?

Quality Inspector.

2.     Can you pinpoint the project that made you say, “I’m glad I’m at NECIT”?

The AEMR project for Hitachi Rail.

3.     Tell us about a hurdle you’ve cleared at NECIT and how you did it.

A hurdle I’ve cleared is gaining my PCN PAUT level 2, I did this by being given the time to work with NECIT’s PAUT equipment and getting funding through the course.

The Ultrasonic Phased Array (PAUT) Level 2 programme is an advanced non-destructive examination technique that uses the latest technology of ultrasonic probes capable of pulsing elements independently at different time intervals.

4.     How do you see NECIT’s ethos reflected in your own life or work?

An ethos that I believe is reflected in my work life with NECIT is to do a good job and not just as quickly as possible, in the end, quality over speed saves time overall​​.

I’ve worked for a lot of companies in the past that don’t give the technicians the backing they need to do the job correctly. However, NECIT always makes sure we have the correct tools, procedures, and time to complete the job to a high standard for our clients.

5.     What’s a skill you’ve honed since joining NECIT that you’re particularly proud of?

A skill which I’ve honed since joining NECIT is Ultrasonic weld scanning, I have scanned welds for a long time, however due to the complex nature of the joints on the AEMR trains I’ve gained experience in working with aluminium and helping create procedures.

6.     Who or what serves as your daily inspiration while working at NECIT?

My daily motivation is to always progress my knowledge and understanding and this is always promoted within the NECIT work culture.

7.     If you could use one word to describe the team culture at NECIT, what would it be?

One word I would use to describe the NECIT team culture is: progressive.

Our team consists of the best, highly skilled and qualified NDT Technicians here at NECIT Services and they are the driving force behind our success.

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