Q&A with Responsible Welding Coordinator, Sam Barlow

Sam Barlow is an RWC (Responsible Welding Coordinator) working on a large rail car modification project with our valued client Hitachi Rail UK.

An RWC is a professional appointed to control and supervise the welding activities of an organisation.
Get a better idea of Sam’s responsibilities as an RWC with the following questions and answers:

QA Professional 2

1.     What drew you to work with NECIT as a Responsible Welding Coordinator?

NECIT counts some of the industry’s largest manufacturers in the rail and construction sectors among its clients. Therefore, when they approached me to collaborate on the ACER project, it made perfect sense.

2.     Can you give us a quick rundown of what a typical day on the project looks like for you?

I am part of a team responsible for implementing a welding quality management system and helping the client achieve accreditation in accordance with EN 15085 and ISO 3834 for their site.

This includes writing weld procedure specifications, reviewing documentation, answering technical issues that arise during production, coordinating welder qualifications and more.

3.     How does your role contribute to ensuring the highest standards of welding practices at NECIT?

The role of the Responsible Welding Coordinator is to oversee all the welding and allied processes that contribute to the performance of the product being manufactured are executed following the product standards and client requirements.

This includes inspection before during and after welding, NDT, control of non-conformances and document control.

4.     What’s your favourite part about collaborating with the team here at NECIT?

I have found the team at NECIT easy to communicate with, if there are any issues, I just pick up the phone and someone will get back to me straight away.

5.     Welding technology is ever-evolving. How do you stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry?

I am a member of several committees including the London branch of The Welding Institute where I have access to a wealth of information through other members, many of whom have had distinguished careers in the welding industry.

I attend seminars and have access to journals and published papers. I am also currently enrolled on a master’s degree in welding engineering at Cranfield University.

6.     Lastly, what is it about your role that ignites your passion and makes you excited to go to work every day?

It is hugely rewarding to see companies implementing weld quality management systems and seeing firsthand the real-life benefits and efficiencies that come out of that such as improved skill levels, an increase in productivity, and a decrease in repair rates.

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