Site or Field Expediting

For large scale projects with critical goods and equipment, expediting can provide pro-active field engineers that act as the eyes and ears on a company at suppliers and sub-suppliers facilities to ensure deliveries are on time and quality specifications are followed.

Expeditors evaluate production levels and schedules for any supplier products that are critical to project delivery. This helps ensure customers get what they ordered, when they need it.

For many engineering projects, equipment and materials are procured from supply chains around the globe. All of these sources work together to align to multiple schedules and achieve a common coordinated goal: to complete the project on time and to budget. A delayed delivery from a single supplier can quickly turn a finely tuned project delivery schedule into chaos.

Locally based site or field expediting personnel can monitor production and help to progress or keep things on track if milestones begin to be missed. An expeditor will provide regular reports and advice relating to any upcoming or potential delays or revisions to schedules whist giving an independent overview of what is happening on the ground. This reduces the risk of delays and maintains a project delivery schedule in line with PO Requirements.

Desk Expediting

Not all equipment and material require full-time monitoring. Desk expeditors can monitor the progress of low, critical or non-strategic orders.  Pro-active expeditors can provide the project team with general information and regular reports on allocation of sub-orders, fabrication progress and deliveries enabling the project team to monitor manufacturing, quality and progress against specific milestones.

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