The Green Success of The North East

This blog discusses the important role the North East of England is playing in helping towards a more sustainable future and how NECIT can contribute to this future.

In recent months there has been significant movement for the North East region in the renewable and green energy industry, with the news of two battery powered Gigafactories in Blyth and Sunderland giving the go-ahead for planning and construction.

This blog discusses the important role the North East is playing in paving the way to this more sustainable future. From the news of the battery Gigafactories as well as the construction of several offshore wind farms, the North East is taking a lead on this movement. We will also discuss how NECIT Services Limited can support projects like these.

“What really matters to accelerate a sustainable future is being able to scale up production volume as quickly as possible” – Elon Musk


Battery Powered Future

BritishVolt, Britain’s foremost investor in battery technology, are building the UK’s first battery Gigaplant in Northumberland (Blyth), one of the UK’s largest-ever industrial investments. And Nissan announced details of a new battery powered GigaFactory in Sunderland to increase the production of their electric vehicles. These two projects have been hailed by the British Government as a major step in the road to a more sustainable and green future for the UK, with the North East as a central hub.

Investment in North East Wind Farms

The North East is also the centre of the growing renewable energy industry thanks to several offshore wind farms and upcoming projects in the area.

The current offshore wind farms and projects in the North East are;

  • Blyth Offshore Demonstrator Wind Farm (operational)
  • Blyth Offshore Demonstrator Wind Farm Phase 2 (planning)
  • Dogger Bank Windfarm A,B, & C (under construction)
  • Sofia Offshore Wind Farm (under construction)
  • Teesside Wind Farm (operational)

You can find out more here.

The Dogger Bank Wind Farm is the world’s biggest offshore wind farm in development. It will be able to provide over 4.5 million UK homes with renewable electricity.

Sofia Offshore Wind Farm will be one of the world’s largest single offshore wind farms and will generate green energy to supply 1.2 million homes with electricity.

How can NECIT support these types of projects?

NECIT Services are one of the leading service providers of inspection, auditing and expediting services in the oil and gas, renewables and power generation sectors. We have valuable experience working on several major projects covering the development of Gigafactories and Wind Farms, similar to those mentioned previously. We are continuing to work with a  global electric vehicle manufacturer on the development of the world’s largest GigaFactory in Berlin, by providing our expert vendor inspection service. Also, NECIT have assisted several of our clients involved in the production of offshore wind farms, providing vendor inspections on equipment such as wind farm cables.

You can find more information on our case studies by visiting our website here. You can read all about how we have supported our clients with our inspection services in similar types of projects.

Being a North East based company ourselves, it is exciting to see the movements the region is making to help create a greener and more sustainable future for the world. Thousands of new jobs in the North East region will be created as a result of these upcoming projects, and we hope local talent and companies will be apparent throughout the supply chain during the completion of these projects.

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