The Importance of Feedback

This blog discusses why NECIT are passionate about collecting feedback and how it can be beneficial throughout the whole company

Our Values

Quality. This single word is something we here at NECIT pride ourselves on providing to all of our clients across the globe. In order to maintain our high standards of quality, we understand the importance of consistent feedback from clients, vendors, inspectors and employees.

Our team is made up of personnel who have direct experience in the services we provide, they have served directly as inspectors or as senior executives within the sectors in which we operate. Over the years, they have developed an understanding of what is needed in our industry as well as the mistakes that other inspection companies usually make. This gives us the knowledge and expertise of what is needed and how it should be delivered correctly and professionally. To ensure we always deliver this quality, we collect regular feedback.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve” – Bill Gates

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At NECIT we always ask for feedback in everything we do, whether the feedback comes from our clients, the thousands of inspectors we have across the world, or from our amazing employees working both remotely and in the office, we gather feedback to allow us to improve and develop.

Clients – Our priority is to maintain an effective working relationship with all of our clients, no matter how big or small, we feel that regular communication and gathering feedback is essential in making this happen. Our Coordination and Business Development team always find time to ring our clients for a chat to help build an efficient relationship, as well as send them the occasional feedback form regarding the performance of NECIT and the services we offer. This gives our clients the chance to discuss if we need to improve in any aspect of our service as well as which areas we are currently excelling in.

The benefits of these regular discussions with our clients include:

  • Positive changes based on Clients needs
  • Effective communication
  • Prevent risks occurring in the future
  • Maintaining a quality service
  • Allows us to quickly act on any negative feedback we may receive

Vendors – Similar to that of our clients, we like to communicate regularly with the many vendors across the world our inspectors visit to carry out inspection, auditing an expediting work and gather feedback. The ‘Vendor style feedback’ is primarily to make sure the performance of the NECIT inspector on site is satisfactory and up to standard. Our Coordination team ring the Vendors and enquire whether our inspector is performing to the high standards we promise, and has all the relevant experience and skills needed. More often than not, Vendors provide us with amazing feedback regarding our inspectors, this is because of the stringent and thorough onboarding process checks we do here at NECIT through our online portal, INSPEKTA-GADGET. We only onboard the best, and regular feedback helps us maintain this quality.

The benefits of these regular discussions with Vendors:

  • Allows us to see the best performing NECIT Inspectors
  • Maintain the best personnel (inspectors) in the industry
  • Builds a stronger relationship between NECIT and the Vendor
  • Allows us to quickly act if our inspector is not up to scratch with our standards

The Team – As well as gathering feedback from our clients, we also feel it is important to collect frequent feedback from all employees. There are many benefits about gathering feedback from employees, as it can play a pivotal role in personal and professional development, as well improve motivation, satisfaction and efficiency at work. We want the best for all employees here at NECIT, and feedback helps us achieve this goal.

Monthly One to One meetings between the employee and his/her Line Manager provide the chance for constructive feedback to be given both ways, but also allows a conversation to be had regarding the wellbeing of the employee both in and outside of work.

The benefits of feedback from employees include:

  • Higher motivation levels
  • Increase in job satisfaction
  • Allows for personal and professional development
  • Increase levels of confidence in their job role
  • Higher levels of efficiency

Feedback is extremely important to us at NECIT. We place a great deal of emphasis on gathering feedback for the sole purpose of maintaining our high quality service and for future growth and development. Without frequent feedback, we would not understand the specific needs of our clients, the opinions of the Vendors or the happiness and thoughts of our employees. NECIT will always attempt to gather feedback and try maintain our high standards of quality throughout all aspects of the company.

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