What sectors are NECIT inspection services applicable to?

In a world where compliance and precision are not just expected but mandated, NECIT Services stands as a beacon of excellence in inspection services. We deliver services across all major engineering sectors, offering sector-specific knowledge and experience.

But what sectors do our services empower? Here’s a closer look:

Oil & Gas

In the Oil & Gas industry, every detail counts. Accuracy and safety are not just a priority but the very core of operations. NECIT’S inspectors, with their in-depth understanding of the oil and gas sector, can help your business meet international and client-specific requirements to stay compliant.

We’re not just about compliance; we are about comprehensive assurance as well – from oil rigs to meter readings and fuel tank dipping. Our services stretch across the entire spectrum of Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream processes, leaving no stone unturned, and no valve unchecked.


The surge in renewable energy generation brings with it an increased responsibility for compliance with international standards. NECIT’s specialist inspectors bring their expertise to the front for Wind farm, Photovoltaic, and Geothermal energy generation requirements.

Welding is the backbone of structures in both traditional and renewable energy installations. This is where NECIT’s certification and qualification testing services are essential, ensuring that every piece of equipment and every component withstands the harshest of elements and the most rigorous of standards.

Power Generation

At NECIT, we understand the extent of responsibility the Power Generation sector bears. From Fossil Fuel to Biomass, Nuclear to Hydroelectric, our inspectors deliver not just inspections but solutions that keep businesses compliant and competitively ahead.

Our inspectors carry out thorough inspections of your facilities, equipment, processes, systems, and products. By doing so, we assist you in meeting market demands and attaining recognition as a top performer in the field.

Our services cover Fossil Fuel, Biomass, Nuclear and Hydroelectric power station requirements.

A Spectrum of Sectors

Beyond these industries, NECIT’s inspection expertise extends into a multitude of sectors such as the intricate machinery of Petrochemical plants, the vital mechanisms of the Transport sector, the life-saving environments of Pharmaceutical companies, and the vast expanse of Mining operations.

The Marine industry, Construction & Built Environment, Manufacturing, Yellow goods, Automotive and the pioneering Aerospace sector all also fall within our field of expertise.


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From consultation to comprehensive testing, our bespoke services are tailored to your sector’s needs. Our global reach and local expertise mean that wherever your supply chain is, NECIT’s local experts are there to ensure your equipment and products are crafted and tested in alignment with the highest of international standards.

At NECIT, we are more than inspectors; we are partners in progress! Get in touch today.

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