Why choose us: what makes NECIT different?

Navigating the world of vendor and third-party inspections can be overwhelming. With a myriad of choices, why do forward-thinking businesses consistently pick NECIT?

Let’s unravel the secrets behind our distinction:

1.     UKAS Accreditation and ISO Certification

NECIT is more than just a name in the industry. We are a UKAS-accredited ISO 17020 Type A Independent Inspection Body and an ISO 17024 Personnel certification body.

This means that our quality systems and processes have been independently audited and validated against the highest inspection standards in the United Kingdom – and we excelled in them.

2.     Tailored services

Every business faces unique challenges, especially in a world where safety and quality cannot be compromised. Recognising this, NECIT offers bespoke solutions, whether it’s for our Welding Certification, Vendor Inspection, Consultancy, or our Non-Destructive Testing services.

3.     Blending experience with innovation

Although our vast experience and history in the industry are testaments to our work, we continually embrace the latest technologies. We’re constantly at the cutting-edge, integrating advanced skills and methods to ensure real-time, accurate reporting.

4.     Global reach with local insight

Our widespread network is anchored in local expertise. This fusion ensures that while we have a global perspective, our solutions are always locally relevant.

With over 5,000 field personnel across 90+ countries around the world, wherever your supply chain exists, NECIT have local experts who can support your business.

5.     Partnership over transaction

At NECIT, we view our interactions with clients as partnerships rather than mere transactions. Choosing to work with us means sharing your vision, challenges and goals with a team that cares about your success: your goals become ours.

6.     Continuous evolution

The world changes, and so do we. We adapt to our ever-evolving industry with continuous training and learning, keeping our team at the forefront of industry standards and best practices.

7.     Unwavering integrity

Transparency and ethical commitment are at the core of our every action and every report we craft. With NECIT, you’re not just opting for a service; you’re opting for trust.


We are dedicated to excellence, partnership, and earning your trust. Discover the NECIT difference for yourself – read our case studies!

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