Why I am passionate about engineering and inspection

Peter Lyons - Founder NECIT Services

In this post, I share the reasons why ambitious engineering has influenced the values and our team at NECIT Services.

Passionate about the world’s biggest engineering projects

I am an Engineer and very proud to be one. I do not claim to be the best engineer, but based on feedback, I am confident that I do my level best to support and make a difference to any engineering project in the best way I can. NECIT Services was set up with values that reflect that approach. We have built a team of enthusiastic people who are passionate about playing their part, no matter how small, in supporting the engineering projects that help the world to grow around us.

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Many of us are guilty of not taking the time to reflect on why we do what we do.

What it is that gets us up on a morning? Where do we get our best levels of motivation from? What values should we look for in our colleagues? It is something that is never far from my mind though, even if it is not always talked about. For myself, and the NECIT team, we take pride in the reality that we play our part in bringing to life some of the biggest, most ambitious, and complex engineering projects around the world. It also gives us huge satisfaction to be a supplier that stands alongside other suppliers and teams around the world who come together to achieve a common goal.

Motivated to be part of a bigger project

If you are in the engineering industry and have been involved on any aspect of a project, I am positive that you will have looked at that project upon completion and thought to yourself: “Wow, I helped make that happen”. The warm sense of pride that follows feels great and I personally feel, it is having the passion to be part of projects that continuously push the boundaries of engineering. This gives you the drive and motivation to keep delivering on future projects. Achieving that sense of pride over and over again is addictive.

NECIT provides the support that customers in the engineering industry need to help them reduce the risk of their projects failing. By carrying the right drive and motivation into every project we are involved in, we help to avoid them either failing to meet schedules or failing to meet necessary quality levels and risking catastrophe.

Your 'why' can elevate you

We deliver the tangible expertise that is needed on projects, be it the advice and scrutiny of where equipment is manufactured, the quality of the actual product being developed or up to date information on the manufacturing schedule. But under the surface, we are always driven by a passion to be part of something and a pride in delivering quality services. What you do and how you do it will always remain extremely important in achieving goals but why you do something can elevate you to another level.

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