Case Study
Final Pre-packing Inspection

Jack Miller - Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Final pre-shipment inspections are an important tool to help verify if the quality of the final product conforms to the end clients standards and specifications.

This case study discusses how one of our inspectors carried out a final pre-shipment inspection on behalf of one of our clients.

Final pre-shipment inspections are an important tool to help verify if the quality of the final product conforms to the end clients standards and specifications. This type of inspection is the final opportunity for inspectors to take corrective action before the product is shipped to the client, showing the importance of this inspection type. With our NECIT inspectors, you can be safe in the knowledge that the end product will be of the highest quality due to the experience and knowledge of our people.


Location: Belgium

Equipment: Air Pre Heaters

Scope: Final Packing and Shipping Inspection


Quantity checks: Our inspector checked that all parts were present before the final packing to ensure our client was sent a complete product.

These parts included; bolts, nuts, washers, fibre sealing rope, gaskets and studs. A non-conformance was found due to a missing part (thermocouple), however, thanks to the thorough inspection of our personnel, this part was correctly added to the box for packing.

This again shows the critical importance of final pre-shipment, as without our inspector spotting this non-conformance, our client would have been sent an incomplete product, costing them additional time and money.

Marking and packing inspection: The importance of shipping markings are vital, as without them, it is much more likely shipping delays will occur.

Our inspector checked if all shipping labels were correct, undamaged, clearly visible and the correct size on the package. Often, these small details can be overlooked, which can be detrimental when the product is being shipped.

Without these checks, the package may be mishandled or sent to the wrong location. Our inspector found that all markings were satisfactory during this inspection.

Results: Our inspector ensured that all parts of the final pre-shipping inspection were satisfactory and conformed to the high standards of our client.

Our people made sure that all non-conformances were rectified before the final shipping of the product, allowing for a quality product to be delivered.

Benefits to our client: NECIT undertook a thorough final pre-shipping inspection on behalf of our client. We were able to…

  • Identify non-conformances and have the Vendor rectify them before shipping
  • Verify the quality of the product and it’s parts
  • Save our client time and money by sticking to budgets and timeframes
  • Prevent delays to shipping
  • Constant communication from our central coordination team and inspector on site, including exit calls to the client
  • Flexible approach, meeting all of our clients demands
  • Cost effective solution
  • 5/5 star feedback in regards to our inspectors performance

How can NECIT support you: NECIT are able to provide you with pre-shipment inspections wherever and whenever you need them, with a global presence in over 87 countries.

Our scope includes, but is not limited to; dimensional inspections, packing and marking checks, witness tests, review of documentation, package drop tests and checking for suitable handling during the loading process.

You can contact our friendly team to find out more about how we can support you and your project here.

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