Our Focus on Quality

Jack Miller - Sales and Marketing Coordinator

In this post, we discuss the term ‘Quality’ and what it means to us here at NECIT Services. We will talk about how our focus on quality makes us different from the rest and how it is helping transform service delivery for the better in our industry.

In this post, we discuss the term ‘Quality’ and what it means to us here at NECIT Services.


“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten” – Aldo Gucci

“Quality is more important than quantity” – Steve Jobs

“Quality in not an act it is a habit” – Aristole


We have all heard these famous quotes before regarding the importance of quality. The entire team here at NECIT understand quality is the most important factor in the type of service we provide. Often, quality can be overlooked for many reasons, such as time constraints and cost. However, we understand that quality is the driving force behind the success of service delivery. This is why quality continues to be our main focus.

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Transforming the service

Our highly qualified team, including inspectors, engineers and project management experts, are on hand to provide invaluable practical experience and knowledge to our clients and their projects.

With this experience comes quality.

As our management team have worked directly as inspectors and quality leads before, they have knowledge of the usual pitfalls the industry can encounter. This knowledge allows us to eliminate these pitfalls from our own service and provide a new fully coordinated approach, which focusses on the clients’ needs and transform the industry for the better.

Quality over quantity

Our experienced team understand that it is difficult to fully coordinate an enormous volume of personnel across the globe. This is why our focus is to onboard quality personnel as opposed to high quantities of personnel.

We ensure that all members of our team are fully vetted and evaluated for multi-skilled credentials, guaranteeing that we always send out high quality representatives. We discuss this process in more detail in our blog covering our INSPKETA-GADGET portal, which you can read here.

We believe that having high volumes of inspectors across the world makes the process of evaluating their skills and experience very difficult, thereby risking quality.

Lack of quality means lack of trust.

Our representatives are people that we trust to represent our company and are people we know will provide our clients with the best service. For us, this means our clients experience high quality from the offset, allowing our clients and their vendors a more efficient service and reducing turnover/changeout from our personnel services.

This is why we focus on quality over quantity.

Client confidence

Here at NECIT we are passionate about providing our clients with confidence, we want them to feel safe in the knowledge that our team are able to provide a complete, flexible approach to their needs 24/7.

Confidence cannot occur without quality.

The NECIT team provide our clients with the confidence that their project requirements will be met on time, and the high standards they expect. As a result, maximising onsite costs and efficiencies.

Our focus on quality leads to high confidence levels from our clients, which in turn generates excellent feedback and direct relationships with project coordinators.

The reason we have a 97% client retention rate and generate positive responses from our clients via feedback, is because they have confidence in the quality services NECIT provide.

This blog has discussed how our focus here at NECIT is on quality and how this leads to everything positive in the delivery and co-ordination of inspection services.

  • Quality = confidence from our clients
  • Quality = trust
  • Quality = positive reputations
  • Quality = on-site efficiencies
  • Quality = high client retention rate
  • Quality = high project cadence
  • Quality = NECIT Services

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from one of our clients, ENGIE who said…

“The quality of the work and the quality of the inspection reports NECIT provided us was first class. Overall, NECIT Services provided us with an outstanding service”.


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