Welding Examiner


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Job Overview

Full Time

40 hours per week



Reports to

Technical Manager

Deadline date

March 31, 2023

Job Purpose

As a Welding Examiner you will play key role in supporting our Certification department with on site Witnessing and coordination of Weld procedure Qualification Testing  and Welder Qualification Testing.

  • The primary objective of the Welding Examiner is to provide independent and impartial Welding examination services to test pieces for weld procedures and Welder approval qualifications at customers facilities or work
  • Gather all required documentation to enable certification assessment to be carried out by the technical
  • Support to the Technical manager by assisting with the engineering practices and procedures to ensure that the company continues to exceed client’s expectations.
  • Authorised to carry out Examinations in accordance with NECIT authorisation list.

Job Description

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Direct reporting to Technical manager
  • Work in accordance with NECIT procedures
  • Complete all examination forms accurately
  • Asses risks to independence and impartiality before commencing any job and notify technical manager should there be any risk to
  • Ensure all equipment used for examination is calibrated at all times
  • Welding is carried out in line with a preliminary or pre-existing weld procedure
  • Welders are correctly identified
  • All test samples are to the correct dimensions stipulated within the standard applied to the WPQR or Welder
  • All test samples are welded in the correct position stipulated within the pWPS /WPS when welding the WPQR or Welder qualification test
  • Examine joint fit up and tack welding
  • Collect or witness the collection as run data for all welding parameters on the pWPS for each weld bead deposited. If witnessing documentation shall be endorsed as a true and accurate
  • Examine complete Weld test samples to the required acceptance criteria and sentence each sample in a
  • Ensure each sample is marked with Identification for traceability during NDT and Mechanical
  • Coordinate NDT & Mechanical testing activities to requirements of recognised standard and customer specification (if applicable)
  • Ensure any NDT is carried out by an approved supplier and applicable NDT procedures are approved by an appropriate ISO 9712 Level
  • Any NDT is conducted by an ISO 9712 level 2 operator qualified in the discipline in which is being
  • Review and approve NDT Reports prior to any Mechanical testing taking
  • Ensure Mechanical testing is carried out by an approved supplier which is UKAS ISO 17025 approved laboratory and the scope of testing is covered on the laboratories schedule of
  • Witness mechanical, chemical and corrosion testing as
  • Work to the requirements of ISO 9606 series, ISO 15614 series, ISO 15613, ASME IX, AWS 1
  • Work to the acceptance criteria stipulated within ISO 9606 series, ISO 15614 series, ISO 15613, ASME IX, AWS D1.1
  • Liaise with Technical manager for Certification by providing all documentation required.

Must Have

Education/Knowledge, Skills and Work Experience Requirements

Essential Skills, Experience & Qualifications

  • Minimum 2 years previous experience witnessing or running weld procedures or welder qualifications.
  • Familiar with welding processes, MMA, TIG, MIG, MAG, FCAW, SAW
  • Awareness of Non-Destructive Examination techniques.
  • Awareness of Mechanical testing techniques.
  • Full UK Driving licence

Desirable Skills & Experience

  • Certified Welding inspector
  • ISO 9712 lvl 2 certificate in MPI, DPI, UT, RT, RFI
  • Academic qualification in an Engineering subject

Benefits include:

  • Company Vehicle
  • Training
  • Company events
  • Company pension
  • On-site parking

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