Our Values

The six core values of NECIT are; Ownership, Quality, Care, Communication, Fair and Pride. This blog discusses the NECIT six core values and how we implement these values in everything we do.


The first of our six core values is Ownership. Meaning, we take full control of project requirements for our clients all over the world. NECIT are driven to complete all steps of our projects and take ownership of the whole process from start to finish. We will manage the successful coordination of the project and deliver our tailored inspection, auditing and expediting services. Our ownership provides our clients with confidence and flexibility, by keeping the project on track, on budget and to world class standards.

We understand that our clients are very busy, but they can feel safe in the knowledge that NECIT will deliver our side of the process thanks to the ownership and expertise of our team.


Everyone at NECIT demands quality. We are passionate about providing a quality service for our clients, which is why our team are directly experienced in one or more of our services, serving either directly as inspectors out in the field in the past, or as senior executives in the sectors in which we operate.

We maintain our internal quality through our ‘NECIT Academy’ Training Programme, which is dedicated to all members of the team here at NECIT, from board level, management, coordination, and marketing. Our regular sessions cover important topics within the inspection, auditing and expediting world, as well as internal topics relevant to NECIT as a business. This helps our team maintain our demands of high quality.

Within inspection services, quality is key. We understand our clients desire a highly professional, expert service in order to meet project requirements, deadlines and standards. We promise to deliver this quality to our clients.

The recent introduction of INSPEKTA-GADGET provides an effective way for our coordination team to maintain a high quality level of inspectors on our system. Unlike other inspection companies, NECIT care more about quality over quantity when it comes to onboarding inspectors. This is why we focus on inspectors whom are multi-skilled and experienced in a range of different disciplines. INSPEKTA-GADGET allows NECIT to only source inspectors of the highest quality for our clients, ensuring the successful completion of project requirements every time.

We aim for quality in everything we do, from our personnel, inspection reports, coordination, marketing, business development and communication. Quality is embedded throughout NECIT.



NECIT are here to support you and your project, and we care about fulfilling this promise. Our team care about providing the best service possible for our clients and we care about the health and welfare of our contractors and employees here at NECIT.

The management team regularly conduct personal one to ones with all employees on a monthly basis, in which employees are provided with the opportunity to discuss how they are feeling both inside and outside of work.  We provide a safe place for our employees to discuss any issues they may be having. Being a family run business, NECIT itself is a family. We are dedicated to ensure that all members of the team are both happy and healthy.

NECIT truly care about providing the highest quality of service possible for our clients. No matter the size or scope of the project we are working on, we care about providing this excellent service.

We care about collecting regular feedback from both our clients and vendors to ensure high quality. In order to maintain our high service levels, our coordination and business development team gather feedback to identify areas in which our service needs to improve, but also which areas we are excelling in. We don’t just collect feedback, we actively follow up on this feedback and look for ways to develop.


Throughout the inspection process, our coordination team communicates on a regular basis, whether it is directly to our clients, the various vendors across the world in which we operate, or to our inspection personnel out in the field. We believe that constant and effective communication is vital for project cadence. Consistent communication means that all parties are on the same page throughout the inspection process and allows for any issues or questions to be raised immediately. As a result, projects are more likely to be completed on time for our clients, and our inspection personnel will feel that they have been guided throughout the process.

The high levels of communication NECIT provide, such as when collecting feedback or coordinating a project, helps us build stronger relationships with our clients. This helps us understand better their needs and requirements during the project.

We aim to make our clients feel safe in the fact that we can take full control of the project, which is why we communicate with them on a regular basis and send out daily inspection reports to keep them up to date on the progress to date.

NECIT passionately believe that effective and friendly communication can build strong and lasting relationships with clients, vendors and inspectors.


NECIT promise to be fully transparent throughout the entire inspection process, keeping all parties on the same page, providing a fair and quality service. We are honest and impartial professionals and are against prejudice and favouritism in all forms.

We also ensure that all inspectors on our system are offered the same opportunity to work on NECIT projects (if they conform to the job guidelines, i.e. Location, certificates and experience).

Our onboarding process follows a highly stringent, thorough and fair analysis in order to maintain the high quality we demand. All potential inspectors are treated fairly and have the same opportunity to become part of the team. We ask for the same documentation and certifications no matter the inspectors age, gender, religion or geographic location in order to make our recruitment process fair.


Everything NECIT does we do with pride. We are proud to be working on some of the world’s biggest engineering projects, with some of the world’s biggest engineering companies in the world. NECIT understands the importance of the industry we are situated in, and are proud to represent engineers all over the world. NECIT are extremely proud of the growth we have witnessed over a short period of time, growing from a small family business to a global player within the inspection industry. In 2020, NECIT Services won ‘Family Business of the Year’ for the North East and earlier this year we won the most prestigious UK award possible, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade.  

We aim not to do what everyone else does, but take risks and transform the service. Unlike our competitors, we have a pool of inspectors whom have been selected for their quality. NECIT are proud to offer the best value for competency, location as well as costs, and are inspired to bring to life some of the worlds most ambitious and ground-breaking engineering projects.

How these values make us different from the rest

Our values reflect the way we work with our customers. We aim to stick to these core values in all aspects of our service and how we operate. We strongly believe that if all these values are met, we will always provide service excellence to our current and future clients. These six values help us build lasting relationships with clients and help us achieve strong client retention rates and satisfaction.

If we hit all of our core values, we believe that the service excellence we promise will be achieved.

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